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Minister of Foreign Affairs

Linas Linkevičius

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L. Linkevičius: "The EU must ensure a timely response to Russian provocations in Ukraine"

Created: 2018.11.19 / Updated: 2018.11.20 09:31
    L. Linkevičius: "The EU must ensure a timely response to Russian provocations in Ukraine"

    On 19 November, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius took part in the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels. In the meeting, Foreign Ministers discussed issues related to Central Asia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, and Yemen. Later, they were joined by Defence Ministers for a discussion on security and defence.

    "Russia continues to implement its strategy of destabilization in Ukraine, which is bound to grow stronger during the pre-election period. The EU needs to respond in a timely manner to provocations aimed at supporting Ukraine," stressed L. Linkevičius.

    Lithuania‘s Foreign Minister drew attention to the deteriorating security situation in eastern Ukraine. L.Linkevičius and his thinkalikes suggested imposing sanctions against Russia in response to the illegal "elections" in Donbas. They also called on the European Commission to assess the situation in the Azov Sea and the harm that Russia‘s new sanctions had been causing to Ukraine, as well as to look for additional resources to support Ukraine.

    Lithuanian representatives voiced their support for the EU initiatives that were developing new capabilities, did not duplicate existing initiatives, and did not compete with NATO.  A strong transatlantic link and the coherence of EU activities with NATO remain a guarantor of the EU security. It is especially important to coordinate actions to counter hybrid threats, cyber-attacks, and propaganda.


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